Winter Razor Clam Digging

Oct 28, 2019 | Recreation, Winter

You might be wondering if razor clams are worth braving the elements. The short answer is: Yes!

Spotting a little dimple in the sand and digging up a clam for the first time is more thrilling than you might imagine if you’ve never been on a razor clam dig. The success of finding the first clam sends you stomping across the sand to find another. And another. And another. Even a drizzly evening on the beach can’t smother the joy.

It’s an easy activity to jump into for children and adults alike. Just be sure you pick up a shellfish license before you go. You can get a license at Seaview Mobil Station, Dennis Company, Pioneer Market, or Jack’s Country Store. For those of you who need a clam gun or any last-minute supplies, you left at home, head to Dennis Company or Jack’s Country Store.


Here are a few tips for your winter dig!


Do not exceed your 20 clam limit. You must take every clam you dig up, even if you break the shell or it’s smaller than you would like.

No digging is allowed before noon when low tide occurs in the evening.

Each clammer must carry their clams in their own net or bag. No sharing.

Bring a headlamp or lantern.

Always face the ocean to avoid any waves sneaking up on you.

A warm hat is strongly recommended on the beach.

It doesn’t hurt to have a thermos of hot chocolate or coffee ready in the car.

Stay aware of your surroundings and where you park. Try to park near a landmark or something you can easily recognize after you’re done digging.

If you’ve never cleaned a razor clam, check out this video. You can also get your clams cleaned at Sportsmen’s Cannery. Once your clams are ready, you will have to decide how to eat them. There are dozens of variations on old favorites like fritters and chowder. We put together a Pinterest board to give you some inspiration. You can also check out the WDFW website for razor clam recipes. Whatever recipe you decide to try, these delicious clams are sure to be a treat at your dinner table.



Is this your first clam dig?


The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife shares clam digging tips in the video below. If you’re new to razor clamming or if you’re bringing a friend who is, this is a great place to start.

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