Eight Reasons to Visit a Beach Town During the Off-Season

Oct 30, 2023 | Beach, Winter

When the summer sun is high and the heat is toasting your skin, it’s easy to see why the crowds flock to the sandy seashell shores. But did you know these same coastal towns take on wintery delight when the seasons change? With wide open spaces, charming local events, and stunning storm-watching, there are plenty of reasons to visit a beach town during the off-season. Here are just a few of our favorites.

A Treasure Chest of Savings 

Undoubtedly, one of the best reasons to visit a beach town during the off-season is the incredible savings waiting for you. During peak months, rates for hotel rooms can skyrocket. You’ll pay a premium for properties that are half the price as the weather changes.

Visit a Beach Town Treasure Chest Savings - credit Stephanie Forrer

Photo Courtesy of: Stephanie Forrer

When you travel to the shore during the fall and winter months, a bounty of savings awaits. Hotels offer incredible rates without sacrificing service. Local deals are so prevalent that you can afford to try new properties during regular winter weekend trips. Historic inns, boutique hotels, eclectic resorts, seaside manors, and classic motels sprinkle the landscape. You can even sleep in a lighthouse for a genuinely authentic coastal getaway. With a treasure trove of accommodation options, you’ll create a new adventure with every visit.

Magical Small-Town Events

Visit Beach Town Magical Events

Part of the reason people jaunt to small coastal towns is because of the unique community fun. Guests love our annual summer events like the international kite festival, summer concert series, and sand-sculpting extravaganza. But the experiences don’t stop just because the crowds go home. During winter months, our towns come alive with magical charm. Art studio tours, concerts, holiday bazaars, seasonal clam digs, and our beloved crab pot Christmas tree lighting keep the small-town magic going.

Less People, The Same Fun! 

Visit a Beach Town Less People - credit Sea Images Northwest

Photo Courtesy of: Sea Images Northwest

We love our summer visitors, but it thrills us to welcome our fall and winter friends! Part of the appeal of picturesque coastal towns is their quaintness. When you visit a beach town during the off-season, the world is your oyster. You can take advantage of the small-town streets without the pain of the crowds. Fewer crowds mean more accessible restaurant reservations, bar seating, activities, shopping, and parking. You’ll enjoy the same experiences with shorter lines and less traffic. Not to mention, the beach will be wide open.

Peace and Quiet

Visit a Beach Town Peace Quiet - credit Krafted Photography

Photo Courtesy of: Krafted Photography

We’ve noticed that guests who visit a beach town during the off-season are looking for peace and quiet. During the winter months, you can easily find a space to be alone with your thoughts. Explore the coves and rocks of Beard’s Hollow and let the rhythm of the ocean wash away your worries. Perch 200 feet above the churning sea at the North Head lighthouse and take in the expansive beauty of the view. Or get quiet in the forest along the miles of hiking trails in our seven state parks. There is no shortage of serene space in Pacific County.

Beat the Winter Blues

Visit a Beach Town Beat Winter Blues

Did you know that trips to the ocean can also boost your mood, calm your nerves, and improve your health? Guests who visit a beach town during the off-season are adding to their wellness routine. We’re known as a great place to unwind and help beat your winter blues. Breathing in the briny breeze, getting outside, and moving your body have all been shown to help keep your mood elevated and spirits high. People love to bike the Discovery Trail, walk along the wild 28-mile beach, or kayak on Willapa Bay. They love sitting in their own private sauna while the rain falls outside. And they love decompressing in a yoga class as they honor their divine light.

Seaside Romance

Visit a Beach Town Seaside Romance

Speaking of love, if you’ve got a significant other, you should visit a beach town during the off-season. Lovers love the beach, regardless of the time of year. Maybe it’s the rhythm of the waves beating along the shore like their heart in their chest. Maybe there’s nothing more romantic than strolling on the beach while holding hands. Or maybe our world-famous Willapa Bay oysters really are aphrodisiacs? Whatever the reason, lovebirds flock to our towns to reconnect and fall deeper in love.

Breathtaking Winter Storms 

Visit a Beach Town Winter Storms - credit Richard Dawson

Photo Courtesy of: Richard Dawson

The passion of our coast isn’t reserved just for lovers. When you visit a beach town during the off-season, prepare for breathtaking winter storm-watching that will curl your toes. The tempestuous Pacific Ocean thrashes against the steadiness of our shoreline. Those wild, crashing waves hit a fever pitch during the winter storms and king tides. People come from miles around to watch the fierce love story unfold against the cliffs.

Seasonal Flavor Delights

Visit a Beach Town Seasonal Flavors - credit Madden Media

All that passion is bound to make you hungry. If you’re a food fan, visit a beach town during the off-season. You will have a culinary adventure different from any you’ve experienced in the summer. Seasonal produce, local seafood, and foraged mushrooms are stars of the plates during fall and winter. Warm your bellies with life-changing chowders, inspired Italian food, and decadent sweets. The same incredible restaurants deliver exciting new fares that complement the weather outside. Call ahead for the restaurant’s most updated winter operating hours, and don’t forget to bring your appetite.

A Reason for Any Season

Any season is a reason to head our way. Our beaches, towns, and businesses are delightful all year round. For more ideas and to keep up with the latest local events, follow us. We’re ready to welcome you, rain or shine.


Eight Reasons to Visit a Beach Town During the Off-Season

By: Danelle Dodds

Danelle is an international traveler, road tripper, writer, and artist. She firmly believes in testing the limits of word count, mileage, and AYCE sushi.




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