The peninsula and Pacific County are full of northwest beauty. These are some commonly asked questions, but if you still have questions, ask us! We regularly update this page.

General information

Where are the webcams?

You’ll find the webcams right here!

Can I drive on the beach?

Yes, but there are rules to keep you and everyone else safe, including wildlife. Stay out of the dunes.

Can I drive my ATV on the beach?

No. Even street legal ATVs are not allowed on the beach. For more information see the Pacific County WATV/ORV use map.

Is Long Beach really the world’s longest beach?

No, but it will feel like it! Trust us. You’re not going to run out of beach.

Where can I get a Discover Pass?

You can pick a Discover Pass up at Cape Disappointment State Park or at several licensed vendors in Pacific County. Be aware that there is a surcharge for third party sellers. You can also get a pass online.


Where can I get fish and chips?

Many of our restaurants have fresh, crispy fish and chips to satisfy any appetite.

Where can I eat oysters?

The real question is: how do you like them? This list will probably help you find what you’re looking for. And don’t pass up the local seafood markets! Fresh oysters are delicious when cooked over a campfire.

Things to See and Do

What’s there to do in Long Beach?

Actually, Long Beach is just the beginning. The whole peninsula and Pacific County could keep you exploring for days. Luckily, we have some ideas. You can also call or stop by the Visitors Bureau to get insights from local experts.

Where are the lighthouses?

You’ll find those at Cape Disappointment State Park in Ilwaco. You will need a Discover Pass. We promise. It’s worth it.

Are dogs allowed in the wildlife refuge?

Dogs are typically not allowed in the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge. It’s an important area for birds. There are exceptions during hunting season. Find refuge rules and regulations here.

Where can I dig for razor clams?

You can only dig for razor clams on days scheduled and approved by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Check their website for current clam digging season information.

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