Fall in Love with These Romantic Date Ideas in Washington

Jan 22, 2024 | Recreation

The hidden, wild coast of Washington is an ode to romance. Lush valleys, fertile forests, meandering rivers, and passionate coastlines undulate together in an eternal love story for the ages. With sunsets and shores that ignite your heart, we set the stage for the seduction. If you want to woo your soul mate, add these date ideas in Washington to your list.

Date Ideas in Washington - credit Lucid Images-Mark Downey

Image Courtesy of: Mark Downey, Lucid Images

Dreamy Dinner Dates

Food is a love language that everyone speaks. Something about gazing at each other in a dimly lit room surrounded by clinking glasses and kitchen perfumes makes any heart go pitter-pat. Slurping oysters, twirling pasta, and sharing dessert is a heady affair, especially when you’re experiencing food infused with the love of our local kitchen maestros. Planning date ideas in Washington is a breeze in any of our cherished restaurants. With intimate dining rooms spanning from Tokeland to Chinook, we have plenty of nooks and crannies to fill your hearts and bellies.

Date Ideas in Washington - Tokeland

True Love in Tokeland

Snuggle up at The Wandering Goose inside the historic Tokeland Hotel. This celebrated establishment has plenty of ink spilled about its sumptuous glory. You’ll taste the Southern-tinged love in everything from their Forager’s Toast to their Shrimp and Rice Grits. In addition to their standard menu, Chef Earnhardt serves up unique 3-course meals for special occasions, like Valentine’s Day. Given the popularity of this award-winning restaurant, make reservations!

Date Ideas in Washington - Seaview - credit Stephanie Forrer

Image Courtesy of: Stephanie Forrer

Sweethearts in Seaview

If additional historic venues are on your list, visit The Depot or the Shelburne Pub. Both restaurants have been serving delightful food and history for over 100 years. Whether it’s as the first train depot or because of the ghosts that roam the halls, you’ll fall in love with either spot for a romantic date night in Pacific County.

Date ideas in Washington - Ilwaco - credit Walter Dorsett

Image Courtesy of: Walter Dorsett

Infatuation in Ilwaco

If you want guaranteed romance, visit Salt Pub. Their celebrated steamers are so good that they appeared in Forbes. Enjoy views of the tranquil Port of Ilwaco as you dip into their sinfully rich seafood broth.

Date Ideas in Washington - Long Beach

Love Birds in Long Beach

If you’re looking for date ideas in Washington that will warm your heart and belly, take your buttercup to Drop Anchor. Known around town for their delicious seafood, this family-run restaurant is a local and guest favorite.

For something more coastal with an Australian twist, grab your mate and hop over to Lost Roo. The friendly staff will serve their famous steamers, Roo’bens, and Crab Melts while you swoon over your Sheila.

Date Ideas in Washington - Picnic - credit Max Loew

Image Courtesy of: Max Loew

Picnic Perfection

Pack a picnic if you’d rather skip the reservations and create your own dreamy date. Stock your basket with premade seafood treats from South Bend Products Retail or Nelson Crab, and get cozy by the docks. Or bring a blanket down to our 28-mile beach and watch the sunset while you huddle around a campfire roasting s’mores.

Date ideas in Washington - Horse

Horse Around

When you want to knock the socks off your honey, we have one of the most memorable date ideas in Washington for you. Grab your partner and saddle up for a romantic ride along the beautiful sands of the Peninsula. Long Beach Family Horse Rides offers rides through the dunes and along the shore. Take in the stunning surf and endless sky from horseback. If you want a more private moment, book an exclusive ride dedicated to you and your special person. All rides are by appointment until Spring Break, so call ahead to secure your spot.

Date ideas in Washington - Clay Couple - credit Sora Blu

Image Courtesy of: Sora Blu

Cuddle in a Clay Class

If you’re looking for unexpected and sensuous date ideas in Washington, break the mold and take a pottery class. From the soft, malleable clay to the fiery heat of the kiln, clay play is a metaphor for love. Tap into your inner Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore with a clay class at Ilwaco Artworks. You can almost hear “Unchained Melody” as you picture the pottery wheel scene in the movie Ghost. Ongoing workshops allow you and your flame to get up close and personal with ceramics. Specialty couple Clay Dates are also being held during February. Classes book up quickly, so reservations are highly recommended.

Date Ideas in Washington - Hike

Take Your Honey on a Hike

If our shorelines are the tempting siren’s song, then our gentle forests are the tender embrace of your immortal beloved. For outdoorsy date ideas in Washington, get your heart beating by taking your honey on a hike in any of our seven state parks. Mossy canopies of towering trees create a fairytale wonderland perfect for stolen kisses. You’ll find plenty of breathtaking backdrops and majestic overlooks for the perfect snuggling selfie. (Remember your Discover Pass before you head out!)

Date Ideas in Washington - Live music - credit Sora Blu

Image Courtesy of: Sora Blu

Fall in Love Over Live Music

Shakespeare once wrote, “If music be the food of love, play on.” He must have understood that the bewitching sounds of live music make for the best date ideas in Washington. Lucky for lovers, you can follow the strains of live music all over the region.

Visit the Pitchwood Alehouse during one of their open mic nights and serenade your sweetie from the stage. If you’d rather leave the singing to the professionals, follow Castaways Seafood Grille, North Beach Tavern, and Sou’wester calendars for a rotating list of local and regional artists. If you’re looking for a more intimate date night, catch one of the visiting performances at the Peninsula Performing Arts Center. With approximately 40 seats, you can get cozy with your cuddle bug while swaying to the beat.

Date Ideas in Washington - WooHoo

Woo Them with Wine Tasting

If love had an elixir, it would have to be wine. A full-bodied glass of red is rich with deep emotions. A crisp, chilled glass of white is light, like butterflies in your stomach. You can experience both with a wine-tasting flight at WooHoo Winery in Raymond. Sit in their cozy tasting room or under their canopy, overlooking the winery’s wildflowers. Sip on their Chardonnay, Merlot, or infamous Willapa Red and fall in love with the flavors of the Pacific Northwest.

Date Ideas in Washington - Museums

Get Mesmerized at a Museum

With twelve museums in approximately 70 miles, a museum visit is a perfect romantic date idea in Pacific County. Canoodle with culture as you stroll through our unique small-town curations. Marvel at the rich history in the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum. Prepare to be stunned by the flying creations in the World Kite Museum. For an experience that truly transports you, take a stroll through the Northwest Carriage Museum.

Date Ideas in Washington - Fall in love - credit Robyn Unruh

Image Courtesy of: Robyn Unruh

Fall in Love with Wild Washington

It’s easy to see why lovers love the alluring, hidden coast of Pacific County. Planning irresistible date ideas in Washington is effortless with one visit to our coastline. Let our surrounding sea whisper salty sweet nothings in your ears. Allow our velvety, verdant forests to embrace you. Sway with the rhythmic ebb and flow of our tides. Tuck into any of our quaint establishments. We’re your love note, waiting to be written.


Fall in Love with These Romantic Date Ideas in Washington

By: Danelle Dodds

Danelle is an international traveler, road tripper, writer, and artist. She firmly believes in testing the limits of word count, mileage, and AYCE sushi.




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