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[1] Members of the Media: Feel free to use any of the material in the Press Room pages of this site for the purpose of favorably promoting the Long Beach Peninsula. Please give photo credit where applicable. Press Room pages are clearly noted with the term “pressroom” in the URL. Additional material may be available for your use on a per request basis.

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[3] Students in grades K-12 may use the material on this site to assist them in preparing reports for school. Other non-profit groups may be eligible for similar use; please inquire


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In a nutshell, we’ve put a lot of work into creating this site to benefit our members. While we’d like our members to use the pages of this site royalty-free as often as possible, this site has been copyrighted to keep other businesses and individuals from publishing the code in books, magazines, CD’s, and other web sites without our permission. We hope you understand that’s why this copyright statement will be strictly enforced.

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