Amazing Winter Hikes on the Long Beach Peninsula

Jan 12, 2023 | Family Fun, Outdoors, Recreation, Winter


Let’s be honest – hiking on the Long Beach Peninsula is always amazing. But if you find yourself here during the magical winter months, here are some hikes that will leave you in awe.


The North Head Lighthouse Trail is an ADA accessible, .75 mile loop trail at Cape Disappointment State Park. This trail offers stunning views of the North Jetty and the vast, open ocean. Follow a paved trail through towering trees, listen to the roar of the ocean slowly crescendoing the farther you go. Before you know it, the stunning North Head Lighthouse will be right in front of you. 

A Discover Pass is required to park at Cape Disappointment State Park. 


The Discovery Trail is an 8.5 mile hiking, biking, and walking trail on Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula. The paved trail is mostly flat, perfect for a leisurely winter stroll. Follow the footsteps of Lewis and Clark, and learn about their journey along the way. The trail finishes with a bronze replica of a pine tree that Clark encountered and carved his initials in on his first trek on a Pacific Coast beach.


Take a hike through the rolling dunes to the vast beach. A walk through the dunes will take you through a sea of golden grass, swaying in the coastal breeze. Trek up the small hilltop to the sandy dunes that lead to the vast 28 mile long beach. Paths through the grassy dunes are found along the Discovery Trail, at Loomis Lake State Park, and at many of our hotels. 


Walk along the trails at Fort Columbia State Park, and slip back in time. See the historic barracks, batteries, and more. Be sure to stop at the viewpoint for a beautiful view of the Columbia River. 


Trumpeter swans overwinter on the Long Beach Peninsula. They can be seen on the Columbia River, Loomis Lake, and Black Lake. The Black Lake Trail loops around Black Lake in Ilwaco. Covered by trees, this is a calm, easy place to stroll and birdwatch. 


A great place to stretch one’s legs on the way from Seattle to the Long Beach Peninsula is along the Raymond-to-South Bend section of the Willapa Hills Trail. The 56-mile, State Park trail originates in Chehalis and is popular with cyclists. 


Come hike the Long Beach Peninsula this winter. Book your stay now!







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