10 Storm Season Moments from 2019 that Will Take Your Breath Away

Jan 17, 2020 | Storm, Winter

Featured photo by local photographer and Cape Disappointment State Park Interpretive Specialist, Aaron Webster.

SAFETY FIRST: We stress safety any time of year, but it’s especially important during storm season. Never turn your back on the waves. Stay away from and stay off of driftwood. Be aware of tides. Watch for sneaker waves (powerful waves that can appear without warning). Read more about beach safety here.


Winter means storm season in Pacific County. Photographers eagerly await the tumultuous seas and wind to capture stunning photos (and videos) on the coast. But whether or not you’re a photographer, it’s a powerful and unique experience unlike any other.

We rounded up some favorite shots from 2019. Be sure to show these photographers some love by hitting the like button, leaving comments and following their accounts. And, of course, follow us on Instagram for more Pacific County eye candy.

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1. This photo by @debheyerphoto captures brilliant sea colors as the light passes through tremendous storm season weaves.

And she said it best in her post: “There is something calm and mesmerizing as waves roll in with a fierce force and power… yet the adrenaline flows and your heart beats faster.”

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2. Be sure to click through to see @ecklemm’s video to get a sense of just how powerful these stormy seas are. The tide picks up logs like toothpicks! (It’s a good reminder to keep a safe distance.)

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3. This majestic photo by @alhurtphotography captures one of these powerful waves up close. It’s wild to think the birds aren’t afraid to fly over them!

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4. Capturing these giant waves is all about timing. This one was so awe-inspiring, @toddmosesphotography forgot to snap it! We love how the sea colors light up in the waves when the sun breaks through the clouds.

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A post shared by Todd Moses (@photographicmemories_by_todd) on

5. @lenkerbrookphotography’s photo captures the chaos perfectly. When the tides are high and the wind picks up, you’ll see multiple waves crashing into each other and against the cliffs. It’s a sight that makes your heart go speed up.

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A post shared by Matthew Smith (@lenkerbrookphotography) on

6. Another gorgeous close up by @aaron_daniel_photography Sometimes heading to the coast for big waves can be a gamble.

This Instagrammer wrote: “Last minute decisions always pay off… 50% of the time, sometimes. Luckily this was one of those times.”

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7. Here’s a series of beautiful photos from @wildernesspro. One of the exciting parts about photographing these waves is how every moment is different.

We loved how this photographer described the action: “Such an incredible experience. Witnessing the power of the ocean, meet its end at the mercy of the rock. A truely awe inspiring sensation.”

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8. @kimnordby captured that gorgeous fan shape these big waves can get, complete with those brilliant sea colors.

Again, storm season inspired. She wrote: “Being near the ocean during a storm is truly amazing. All of your senses get to share in the experience: the sounds of the waves crashing on the cliffs and the rumbling of rocks in the surf, the smell of the ocean spray and the feel of it on your face, and of course the sight of the dynamic and powerful waves as they come crashing in from the ocean.”

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9. Aaron Webster is a local photographer and Interpretive Specialist at Cape Disappointment State Park. He shared several of his stunning photos with us, and this was one of our favorites. The sun peeked out, providing a misty, bright atmosphere.

If you’re a peninsula fan or nature lover, we can’t recommend Aaron’s YouTube channel enough. 

10 Storm Season Moments from 2019 that Will Take Your Breath Away
10. Technically, this is afrom a 2020 storm, but local photographer @jace_the_bird_nerd‘s big wave photo was too good to pass up. With king tides and a big storm coming through, it was the perfect time to capture the power of the sea. We love the muted, stormy hues in this capture. This “wave explosion” feels suspended in time.
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Want to experience storm season for yourself?

If you want to get in on the action, be sure to check out our storm watching tips for safe viewing and amazing experiences. For those visiting during storm season, here are some choice storm watching locations and places to eat with a view.

Also check out our favorite storm season photos from 2018.

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