10 of Our Favorite Big Wave Photos

Jan 18, 2019 | Beach, Outdoors, Recreation, State Parks, storm, Winter

When storm season rolls around, there’s a stir of excitement among those in the know. Winter brings rain, strong winds and high surf. And it’s a photographer’s delight!

A favorite spot for taking in the power and beauty of storm season on the Washington coast is Waikiki Beach at Cape Disappointment State Park. Each year, photographers make the trip to this beach to capture big waves crashing beneath the lighthouse.

And each year, we get to enjoy their incredible work! These are 10 favorites from Instagrammers who experienced the magic of storm season.

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1. Andrew Sambuceto captured what so many photographers love about wave watching at Cape D. In his caption, he says, “The thing I like about waves is they are all different and all have their own characteristics.”

Maybe that’s why we never get tired of seeing these gorgeous photos year after year! Storm season never lets us down.


2. Despite the tumultuous forces of nature, there’s something special and truly relaxing about watching these giant swells. Debbie Heyer wrote in her Instagram post, “The mesmerizing beauty of a dramatic sea is so therapeutic and spirit lifting!”

And we couldn’t agree more!

3. When a storm rolls through, photographers, locals and visitors all rush to Waikiki Beach to see the action. This is just another fabulous winter day at Waikiki Beach captured by photographer Clifford Paguio.


4. We love this close up! In the caption, Matthew Smith wrote, “The sea has always filled me with awe and wonderment. On this day I decided a more intimate image of just a single crashing wave was the most interesting composition given the conditions. I hope you enjoy it.”


5. Photographing these big waves can become addicting. Sharon Law captured some of that magic in this series of photos.


6. In this photo from Enchanted Cottages, we get a different perspective. (Please keep a safe distance from driftwood and use your zoom if you feel inspired. High surf can pick these giant logs up like toothpicks!)

7. The giant spray is invigorating to watch. These photos just don’t do it justice, and it was hard to choose a favorite among Eric’s photos of waves at Waikiki Beach!


8. When the light hits just right and the waves are crashing, it’s hard not to appreciate these fleeting moments of natural wonder.

Kamila Hanson wrote in her caption, “In the past I had made attempts at capturing this iconic place with the famous waves below the lighthouse. I finally had the opportunity along with fellow photogs to catch the colors and patterns of the ocean waves. It was a magnificent sight, watching nature create it’s own art.”

9. Photographer Lester Tsai captured Waikiki Beach with a gorgeous, steely winter sky as a backdrop.


10. You can feel the energy and power in this exciting photo by Bryan Jordan


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