Horseback Riding on the Beach

May 16, 2018 | Beach, Recreation

Horseback riding on the Long Beach Peninsula’s continuous stretch of beach is bucket list worthy. The experience of riding a horse alongside breaking waves is nothing short of exhilarating, and you won’t soon forget the feeling.

You would be hard-pressed to find a beach as open and beautiful as the Peninsula’s shoreline. Whether you take a guided ride or bring your own horse, the Peninsula makes it possible for just about anyone to enjoy this favorite activity.

Horseback Riding with West Coast Horse Rides and Back Country Adventures

West Coast Horse Rides and The Long Beach Horse Rides offer guided horseback rides on the beach. One hour rides typically cost $30, but more experienced riders can take a two-hour ride with The Long Beach Horse Rides for $60. Both can be found by the Sid Snyder Beach Approach in downtown Long Beach. Call ahead for reservations.

For children not quite ready to ride on their own, West Coast Horse Rides offers a “Pony” Ride for just $5 in the area outside their coral. This is a great chance to take some pictures and let small children experience the fun of horseback riding! The horse is led by an experienced wrangler.

Board Your Horse at the Red Barn Arena

If you are bringing your own steed, Red Barn Arena offers temporary and full-time boarding. Reservations are required so plan ahead! Be sure to check their website as well. They offer equestrian events throughout the year.

Stay in the Naytura Haus

Naytura Haus is a private retreat with accommodations for up to six people and six horses. A stay at this beautiful cabin and stable is truly a unique experience. Enjoy the tranquility of life by the beach along with modern amenities.

Camp at the Peninsula Saddle Club

The Peninsula Saddle Club offers year-round horse camping with the exception of their annual rodeo and junior rodeo weekends. Camping starts at $20 a night with one vehicle and trailer. They also have pens available for horses on a first come basis.

There is a horse trail from the Saddle Club to 3rd Street N. in Long Beach.

Annual Events

Long Beach NPRA Rodeo

Surf n’ Saddle Jr. Rodeo

Pacific County Fair

What You Need to Know When Bringing Your Horse to the Beach

  1. There is beach access at all the approaches and horse paths at Sid Snyder Drive and 3rd Street N.
  2. No riding on clam beds during low tide.
  3. No horses are allowed on the beach between Sid Snyder and Bolstad (north) between Memorial Day and September 15.
  4. You can ride south as far as Beard’s Hollow and north toward Leadbetter Point State Park. Watch for Snowy Plover nesting area signage on the northern tip of the Peninsula. The nesting areas and the trails in Leadbetter Point State Park are closed to equestrian travel for wildlife preservation.
  5. Take care when riding in the surf as horses can lose their footing in the shifting sand.
  6. Be aware of cars, pedestrians, and dogs on the beach.
  7. Be courteous and pick up after your horse in heavily trafficked pedestrian areas.
  8. Please do not ride on the sidewalks or through town.


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