7 Benefits of a Coastal Visit

Feb 19, 2024 | Beach

The siren song of the ocean has seduced travelers for centuries, especially when it comes to their health. Research has shown that the benefits of a coastal visit can improve wellness, vitality, and mood. Rhythmic waves, the salty air, and unparalleled recreational activities have been a healing balm since the dawn of time. Visiting the shore can rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit. But don’t just take our word for it. Let’s dive into the healing powers of the sea and uncover the myriad ways a coastal visit can enhance your well-being.

A Mental Health Miracle

2. Benefits of a Coastal Visit - Mental Health Miracle - credit Lori Hanson

Image Courtesy of: Lori Hanson

One of the most well-documented benefits of a coastal visit is the swell of positive influences on the beach of your brain. The crescendo of crashing waves is known to have a calming effect on your nervous system, helping to reduce anxiety and stress levels. Taking in the vast expanse of the ocean and never-ending horizon can induce a sense of perspective and awe, which promotes gratitude and calm. Sitting on the sand and breathing in the stillness can relax your heart and quiet your soul. Spending time on the coast can blow the dust and worries from the corners of your mind and usher in a sense of peace.

Something in the Air

3. Benefits of a Coastal Visit - Something in the Air

Taking in the ocean air isn’t just for invoking stillness. Breathing in the briny breeze can be helpful for your respiratory health. The air on the coast contains tiny salt particles, which have natural cleansing properties. Added benefits of a coastal visit include an atmosphere of salted sea air that helps clear the airways, reduce inflammation, and improve overall lung function.

Let’s Get Physical

4. Benefits of Coastal Visit - Let's Get Physical - credit Patrick Krohn

Image Courtesy of: Patrick Krohn

The correlation between good health and physical activity is well established. Studies have shown that being in nature can increase exercise, reduce blood pressure, and improve disposition. Because the opportunities for outdoor pastimes tend to be higher in coastal areas, you have more exposure to the natural benefits.

With 28 miles of shoreline and seven state parks, Pacific County swims in nourishing nature and recreational rewards. Take a bike ride on the 8.5-mile Discovery Trail. Kayak the glorious Willapa River. Fish the year-round season of Black Lake in Ilwaco. Explore the lush, green landscapes of Cape Disappointment and Leadbetter state parks. Or take a soothing stroll along the beach. Our outdoor recreation is plentiful and healing.

Skin Deep

5. Benefits of a Coastal Visit - skin deep

Did you know that one of the benefits of a coastal visit is akin to having a spa day? Our waters are a revitalizing tonic that is natural skincare. Saltwater is rich in minerals and elements like calcium, magnesium, and zinc, which have antibacterial properties. The minerals help nourish and hydrate your skin, improve circulation, and promote cell regeneration. It can help with some cases of eczema and psoriasis and has exfoliating benefits to leave you rejuvenated. You’ll find the fountain of youth along our coast.

Social Engagement

6. Benefits to a Coastal Visit - Social

One of the engaging byproduct benefits of a coastal visit is the social interaction that can come with it. Our towns are popular gathering spots for people of all ages and backgrounds, making them ideal places to connect with others. Whether you’re enjoying a picnic with friends, striking up a conversation with fellow beachgoers, or interacting with locals at friendly cafes, coastal towns are the neighborhood water coolers.

One With Wildlife

Social interaction isn’t the only engagement you’ll find in our towns. Prepare to experience animals in the great wide open. Our region bustles with diverse wildlife.

Explore the 17,000+ acres of the Willapa Bay Wildlife Refuge. Its tidelands, rainforests, beaches, and streams are teeming with activity. Spawning salmon, thousands of migrating birds, and forest animals call the refuge their home.

7. Benefits of a Coastal Visit - Wildlife

Walk on our beaches and watch majestic bald eagles soar overhead as they search for unsuspecting prey. Listen to the deep-throated barking of seals on the rocks. Spy shy deer in the sea dunes as they nibble on the tender tips of shrubs and clover.

Studies have shown the mental health benefits of observing wildlife in their natural habitat. A sense of calm and stillness can stop you in your tracks when you see critters in the wild. Keep your distance from any creatures you encounter, respect their territory, and delight in simply experiencing the wonder of seeing animals in the wild.

Lullaby Land

8. Benefits of a Coastal Visit - Lullaby

One of our favorite benefits of a coastal visit is the deep sleep it brings. Ocean air tends to be fresher and full of oxygen, which can improve sleep and well-being. Time by the coast also helps regulate your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. Exposure to natural light during the day stimulates your senses, while the weighted blanket of evening assists in ushering in the calm.

But the symphony of the sea truly relaxes you into repose. There’s a reason why so many sleep machines include an ocean’s sound setting. The melodic cadence of waves on the shore has a hypnotic effect that can lull you into a cocoon of slumber. The subtle rolling tides gently raking the sandy shore perform an unconscious concert that releases tension and seduces you to sleep.

Our Coastal Cure

9. Benefits of a Coastal Visit - Coastal Cure

The wild coast of Washington is a health haven. Experience all the benefits of a coastal visit in one of our towns near the Pacific Ocean. Experience the beautiful banks of the Willapa River in Raymond and South Bend. Enjoy the calming edges of the Willapa Bay in Tokeland. Stroll in the Port of Ilwaco. Immerse yourself in the power of the Pacific along the peninsula and Chinook.

We wish we could bottle the elixir of our coastline. Until then, write yourself a prescription for your next visit. We’re here to cure all that ails you.

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7 Benefits of a Coastal Visit

By: Danelle Dodds

Danelle is an international traveler, road tripper, writer, and artist. She firmly believes in testing the limits of word count, mileage, and AYCE sushi.




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