Long Beach

Originally named Tinkertown when Henry Harrison Tinker bought a land claim in 1880, Long Beach was officially incorporated on January 18, 1922.  A resort village from the start, Long Beach enjoyed summertime travelers on the narrow gauge “Clamshell Railroad” that ran up the length of the peninsula from 1889 to 1930. The Long Beach Depot, located between Bolstad and Second Streets on the west side of Pacific Highway, still stands and is a multi-use building owned by the City of Long Beach.

A major destination was Tinker’s Hotel, later renamed the Long Beach Hotel, built just feet from the train station.  Just across the tracks was the Portland Hotel, which was unique to the area with it’s turret-like structure, and the Breakers Hotel was just bit up the road.  The then board walked area near the station was known as “Rubberneck Row.” Businesses that can be identified along Rubberneck Row from photographs at the turn of the century include, Crystal Baths (an indoor swimming pool), Milton York Candies, a Postal Shop, a livery stable, a barber shop, Vincent’s Souvenirs, The Candy Man and a soda fountain just across from the station.  In the late 1880’s, Marsh’s free Museum was made to show people wonders of the northwest.

The town of Long Beach is family friendly, featuring carnival rides, a full calendar of annual festivals, kite shops, video arcades, the World Kite Museum & Hall of Fame, bumper cars, and many more family-oriented activities.

In summer, the town provides clowns, face-painting and other sidewalk entertainment for visitors, from juggling clowns to Mother Goose and lots of kid-friendly crafts and activities, as well as horse-drawn wagon rides.

Pristine ocean beaches lie alongside the town and visitors stroll the dunes on a popular boardwalk.  Crossing beneath the Boardwalk is the 8.1-mile long Discovery Trail, which travels through dunes from north Long Beach into Ilwaco.  Lewis & Clark reached the Pacific Ocean here and the trail is one of many monuments to them throughout the town.

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