15 Fabulous Features of the Long Beach Boardwalk

Jun 6, 2018 | Beach

Travel & Leisure Magazine named the Long Beach boardwalk as one of the top eleven in the nation. The Today Show featured the Long Beach boardwalk as the most unique. And we have to agree.

The boardwalk sits just outside the reach of the mighty Pacific and stretches for almost half a mile through the rolling dunes. It’s only a short walk from most downtown Long Beach activities and is a popular attraction for visitors and locals alike.

So what makes this boardwalk so amazing?

1. You won’t find crowds on the Long Beach Boardwalk. It isn’t covered with carnival rides and hot dog vendors (those are downtown!). It appears as if suspended in the grassy dunes.

2. It’s the perfect spot to watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean or the sunrise over the Willapa Hills.

3. It’s a wonderful spot to snap photos for the family album or Instagram. Be sure to share your adventures! #longbeachwa

4. It’s the perfect stroll to take with ice cream or any sweet treat or a special someone.

5. If you’re wanting lunch with a view, have a seat at one of the picnic tables along the way and chow down on some takeout from one of our local restaurants.

6. The boardwalk will inspire you to wander! Look for steps leading off into the dunes or down to the shore.

7. It’s a comfortable spot to look for wildlife. Watch for whales, eagles, and shorebirds. Be sure to bring some binoculars.

8. Enjoy panoramic views of the North Head Lighthouse, beach, and surf.

9. Learn about the environment and history at one of the interpretive displays.

10. It’s a safe place to watch storms roll in across the Pacific during storm season.

11. Park at the Bolstad beach approach and walk down the boardwalk to [pickled fish] for a cocktail.

12. The boardwalk makes a gorgeous backdrop for small, intimate weddings or elopements.

13. On windy, bright days, hang out on the boardwalk to watch kites drift through the sky.

14. You can keep going! If your short stroll along the boardwalk came to an end too soon, simply hop on the Discovery Trail. It crosses beneath the boardwalk and runs south all the way to Ilwaco and north to a bronze sculpture of Clark’s Tree behind the Breakers.

15. Find plenty of free parking on either end of the boardwalk as well as public restrooms.

Location: Park at the Sid Snyder beach approach or the Bolstad beach approach in downtown Long Beach for easy access to the boardwalk. It is wheelchair accessible.

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