42 Things to do in Long Beach, WA

Jul 7, 2022 | Family Fun, Summer

Looking for things to do in Long Beach, WA? This beach town is a little slice of PNW life packed with every coastal activity you could imagine!

Beach Activities

1. Walk on the beach

There’s something to be said for a cool sea breeze. Revitalize yourself with a walk on the beach. Find some sand dollars or clam shells while you relax on 28 miles of pristine silver sand.

2. Catch a sunset

You can’t beat a sunset on the west coast, and Long Beach has some dramatic skies. Your spirit will sore as you watch the sun paint the sky.

3. Build a sandcastle

Bring a shovel and pail along! If you’re a passionate sand architect, be sure to join the fun during Sandsations.

4. Fly a kite

You’ll see lots of colorful kites flying above the beach. Why not join in the fun? Build one or buy one, either way, you’re going to have a fantastic time!

5. Go surf fishing

Surf perch fishing is a favorite activity on the Peninsula! Just be sure you have your fishing license. You can pick one up at Dennis Company in downtown Long Beach.

6. Visit the whale sculpture

Chainsaw art never looked so majestic. Find the whale sculpture to the left of the boardwalk near the Sid Snyder beach approach.

7. Find the Clark (of Lewis and Clark) and sturgeon statue

Find this bronze sculpture to the right of the Bolstad beach approach, just off the Discovery Trail.

8. Find Clark’s Tree

Located on the Discovery Trail just behind the Breakers Hotel, Clark’s Tree is a bronze replica of the tree William Clark carved his initials into.

9. Walk along the boardwalk

The boardwalk stretches for half a mile over the windswept dunes. It’s a great way to take in the view and relax.

10. Have a picnic

Pick up some food at V’s Costal Market and Deli and pack yourself a delicious picnic to enjoy on the beach.  Prefer a little shelter? There are several sheltered picnic tables along the boardwalk.

11. Go on a horseback ride

West Coast Horse Rides and Long Beach Horse Rides offer horseback rides on the beach, starting at $30.

12. Learn to surf with the pros

Catch a wave with Skookum Surf Co.! They provide lessons and rentals.

13. Go beachcombing after a storm

You never know what you’ll find. Part of the fun is just looking, but if you’re lucky enough to find something interesting, you’ll have a lifetime memory.

14. Go storm watching

Winter storm watching is an incredible experience on the Long Beach Peninsula. Plus, you’re likely to miss all the crowds.

15. Go whale watching.

Don’t forget to bring binoculars! Find more whale-watching tips here.

16. Look for eagles

Bald eagles are a common sight on the Long Beach Peninsula and so are Golden eagles. Keep an eye out for these impressive raptors! You’ll spot more than eagles, though. Birding is a popular activity on the peninsula because over 200 species visit each year.


Fun Things to See and Do

17. Ride a bike or hike the Discovery Trail

The Discovery Trail stretches from behind the Breakers in Long Beach all the way to Ilwaco. Learn more about this 8.5-mile hiking, biking, and walking trail here. You can rent bikes through Beachin’ Bike Rentals.

18. Go golfing

The Peninsula Golf Course in north Long Beach has 9 holes on 55 beautiful acres! They offer tournament packages and can help you plan events. Plus, they’re dog-friendly.

19. Mini-golfing

Play mini-golf at the Fun Beach Speedway in downtown Long Beach! It’s less than a mile from the beach, so you’ll enjoy a delightful sea breeze as you play.

20. Ride the go-karts

Fun Beach Speedway also has go-karts! For families with children a little too young to drive on their own, they have double karts available.

21. Shop around at local boutiques 

Long Beach has plenty of local boutiques to browse in and do a little window shopping. Check out Eden’s Boutique, Raven Ridge, Niva, the Wooden Horse, and much more!

22. Play to win prizes at Funland

Funland is packed with arcade games and also offers laser tag. Earn tickets to win cool prizes. This is also a favorite activity for rainy days and birthday parties.

23. Stock up on candy

Satisfy your sweet tooth at the Candy Man. You’ll find everything from salt-water taffy to decadent fudge. They have sugar-free options as well.

24. Pick out a new kite

The LBP is known for kites! Visit Wind World Kites or Stormin’ Norman’s to choose your own and then head to the beach!

25. Visit the World Kite Museum

The World Kite Museum houses over 1,500 kites from 26 countries. You’ll be surprised by how people have used kites throughout history!

26. Take photos in front of the Long Beach arch

The Long Beach arch is a classic photo spot. Please be courteous and watch for cars if you’re snapping a photo in this location.

27. Snap family photos with the world’s largest frying pan and razor clam

It’s hard to miss these oversized attractions when you first get to Long Beach! Be sure to have a quarter ready for the razor clam to activate the fountain.

28. Visit Jake the Alligator Man and get your fortune at Marsh’s

Marsh’s Free Museum is a one-of-a-kind experience with many oddities. It also has a huge assortment of gifts and souvenirs.

29. Hit the tennis courts or play pickleball at Lighthouse Resort Tennis Club

The tennis club welcomes the whole family to enjoy their courts for tennis and pickleball.

30. Discover the flour power of Long Beach bakeries! 

Enjoy scratch-made donuts, muffins, cookies, pastries, cakes, breads, pies, and more at Dylan’s Cottage Bakery, Long Beach Pie Lady, and Sadie and Josie’s Bakery.

31. Listen to live music while enjoying tasty food

Pickled Fish and North Beach Tavern hosts live music in a cozy, chic setting.

32. Relax with a massage

Unwind with a massage at A Long Beach Massage or Body Essence Massage.

33. Get some ice cream

Stop by Scooper’s Market, Sweet Phee’s, or Pit Stop for some delicious ice cream to satisfy your sweet tooth!

34. Take a picture with Lewis and Clark

Find Lewis and Clark downtown across from the Long Beach Tavern.

35. Visit Banana Books & Espresso Saloon

This bright and happy independent bookstore is perfect for those who can’t resist putting their nose in a book! The beach is a wonderful place to catch up on some reading.

36. Pick up gifts from the beach

Don’t return home empty-handed! Find handmade and unique items at Niva Green. Go treasure hunting for glass floats and more at Long Beach Hobo.

37. Visit the Cranberry Museum & Demonstration Farm

Take a walking tour of the cranberry bogs or learn about the area’s rich cranberry heritage in the museum. Be sure to stop by the gift shop and try the cranberry ice cream!

38. Catch a movie at Neptune Theater

Settle into our cozy, local theater with a bag of buttery popcorn after a long day of adventure.

39. Eat Fresh at the local Farmers Market! 

Each Friday in the summer, vendors, and artisans gather in Veteran’s Field in downtown Long Beach. Hang out and enjoy live music, treats, and family fun!

40. Take a music class or catch a concert

The Peninsula Arts Center offers music classes and is a Fair Trade Music venue with concerts every other Saturday.

41. Visit the Adrift Distillers tasting room

Taste handcrafted gin, white whiskey, vodka, and cranberry liqueur inspired by the spirit of Washington!

42. Satisfy your inner-hippie

Find everything from incense and beaded curtains to organic tobacco and crystals at Herb N Legend in downtown Long Beach.

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