10 Great Spots for Photos on the Long Beach Peninsula

Mar 7, 2019 | Family Fun, Featured, Photography, Summer

There are countless great spots for photos on the Long Beach Peninsula, so make sure you charge your phone or bring along your camera. Capture dramatic landscapes, miles of sandy beach, birds, wildlife, and even a few roadside attractions when you visit. Be sure to share your photos on Instagram with #longbeachwa. We love to feature your adventures!

Here are 10 great spots for photos to give you some ideas.

1.Waikiki Beach 

Not only is the most iconic spot on the Peninsula, it is one of the most photographed places on the West coast. Known for giant waves and impressive cliffs that dwarf the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse above, this beach scene has Washington coast written all over it. You’re sure to get an incredible shot whether you head there for storm watching or to chase the sunset.

Be sure you have your Discover Pass because this beach is part of Cape Disappointment State Park. You can also check out Washington’s free state park days.

Local Tip: Go during an almost high tide the day after a big storm. The safe viewing area allows you to get relatively close to dramatic waves with the lighthouse in the background.

North Head Lighthouse and view of the ocean

2. North Head Lighthouse

Another eye-catching spot at Cape Disappointment is the North Head Lighthouse. This requires only a short walk through the woods for a rewarding view. The lighthouse has been undergoing meticulous restoration work, and the white stucco on the outside is currently spotless. Whether you’re snapping a picture of the lighthouse itself or posing for a picture in front of it, this is another spot that looks great in all weather. To get another perspective, take Bell’s Overlook Trail from the same parking area.

Local Tip: This is also a great place to go whale watching.

3. Long Beach Arch

Let’s move onto some Long Beach classics. The arch over the Bolstad Beach Approach has always been a favorite photo spot for visitors. Just be considerate of traffic since this can be a busy area. For a little extra drama, wait for sunset to get spectacular colors in the background.

4. Giant Frying Pan

You can find this quirky piece of history across the street from Marsh’s Free Museum along with a giant razor clam statue that spits water. The original frying pan was forged in 1941 and used during the Razor Clam Festival. The tip of the handle is nearly 15 feet off the ground, and the pan itself is about 9 feet wide. Have fun with this one and get some cool perspective shots.

Port of Ilwaco at Sunset

5. Port of Ilwaco

World-class fishing and a vibrant art community make Ilwaco a great mixture of restaurants, shops, galleries, and exciting adventures. From the scenic overlooks of Cape Disappointment State Park to a serene lavender farm tucked into the hills, you may be surprised what this small fishing village has to offer. Discover more about Ilwaco here.

6. Oysterville Schoolhouse

History is always within reach here on the Long Beach Peninsula. Head to the north end of the Peninsula, and you’ll come across a village that looks like it never quite made it into the 21st century. Oysterville is beautifully maintained, right down to the wooden street signs. Stand on the corner of School Street to get a shot of the old schoolhouse and mossy picket fence.

7. Oysterville Church

Just down the street from the schoolhouse sign is the Oysterville Church. This simple red and white building has a true charm perfect for photos. Over a hundred years old, this little church still welcomes visitors. The sign by the door reads “CHURCH OPEN”, so feel free to step inside and sign their guestbook while you’re there.

If you want to know more about the history of Oysterville, be sure to pick up a walking tour guide at the Visitors Center.

8. Discovery Trail

There are countless breathtaking scenes along the Discovery Trail. This is the perfect way to get out there and explore the forests, sand dunes, and beach. Plus, you can take a selfie with William Clark (of the Lewis & Clark expedition) near the boardwalk. If you take your camera along, you’re sure to end the day with hundreds of amazing shots.

Beards Hollow

9. The Beach

This one may seem obvious. You really can’t call a visit to the Long Beach Peninsula complete without taking photos somewhere along 28 miles of beautiful beach! Whether you prefer golden hours, vivid sunsets, or cloudy days, the beach always looks good.

10. Willapa Wildlife Refuge 

Walk old growth forests, watch fog rise into the hills, and listen. Let the wind, waves, and birds be your company. The Willapa National Wildlife Refuge encompasses a unique pocket of Pacific County where you can truly immerse yourself in the beauty of the environment. From Leadbetter Point on the north end of the Long Beach Peninsula to Long Island and the shores of Willapa Bay, this refuge protects unique ecosystems and a rich biodiversity.

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