The Best of the Bog and the Bay

Jan 1, 2015 | Archive

Day one of a three day tour

•    Oyster Farm
•    Coffee and Cranberry Scones
•    Interpretation of Oyster and Oyster Industry
•    Walking tour of first Oyster settlement
•    Hands on Demonstration of Oyster Shucking and Sample of product
•    Box lunch from local restaurant featuring fresh baked breads and pastries
•    Lunch at historic school house
•    Stories about area pioneers by local historians
•    Afternoon concert in Old Church with High Tea
•    Memento shopping at quaint historic area store
•    Cranberry Queen story
•    Interpretation and tour of bogs and museum
•    Tour of international processing plant for the Cranberry
•    Evening buffet with food and wines from the Cranberry

Day two of a three day tour

•    Green Angel Gardens
•    Coffee and pastries
•    Tour and presentations
•    Chef guided wild mushroom hunt and harvest
•    Cooking class utilizing the mushroom and the greens
•    Lunch with Chef featuring the harvested mushrooms and produce from Green Angel Gardens
•    Local water color art gallery featuring NW subjects and presentation
•    Dining with Chef Jimella

Day three of a three day tour

•    Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum
•    Cranberry muffins and coffee
•    Clamshell Railroad – retracing the route of the “Daddy Train”
•    Railroad lunch catered at the Long Beach Train Depot
•    Continue Clamshell Railroad – retracing the route of the “Daddy Train”
•    Dinner and cooking demonstration at Depot Restaurant with Chef

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