Tourism works: It’s all about the visitor experience

May 16, 2017 | Archive

We’d usually do this kind of thing around November – you know, with Thanksgiving and all – but May seems like an appropriate time to thank all the wonderful visitors who spend their hard-earned time and dollars in Washington’s Pacific County.

So, to our visitors: Thank you, sincerely, for making the Long Beach Peninsula part of your family fun and merry memories.

The Visitors Bureau recently held its Annual Meeting – a day to acknowledge stakeholders, talk to the community about what we do and hold workshops for partners and members – so we’ve been considering what made 2016 successful. This has involved a bit of number crunching, but we won’t gum up this blog with stats and figures.

Instead, we’ll focus on what’s mattered most: You, the visitor.

Visitor experience

Visitors, to us, are so much more than heads in beds. They’re part of the fabric that binds the Long Beach Peninsula and Pacific County. Visitors serve as the impetus for weekend events and the shapers of Peninsula seasons. Visitors are a bit like old friends from out of town – they remind us locals why we love Long Beach and South Bend, Raymond and Naselle and the rest of Pacific County. Tourism helps us put our best foot forward and take the first step in creating a great visitor experience.

That’s what it’s all about, the visitor experience. We want you to not just visit the Long Beach Peninsula and Pacific County, but to experience the Long Beach Peninsula and Pacific County. Step inside the boots of Lewis & Clark, taste the bounty of the Pacific Ocean, pluck your own oysters from Willapa Bay. We love the experience, and we want you to love it as well.

So stop in and say hi next time you visit the Long Beach Peninsula. Have a cup of coffee with us. We can point you toward new experiences or share ideas about reliving old experiences. Hey, you’re not just a visitor – you’re a friend. And what are friends for?


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