Take YOUR Time

Taking time off is essential for a happier, healthier life. And you don’t have to take it from us. Studies show that using your paid time off has multiple benefits, from avoiding burnout to improved relationships.

In fact, simply planning your time off can increase your happiness! It also makes you more likely to actually use that hard earned time off.

Take YOUR Time

So, rather than let those PTO days go to waste, start planning and take YOUR time on the Washington coast.

The Long Beach Peninsula and gorgeous Pacific County are only a short drive from both Portland and Seattle. It’s the perfect place to spend an extended weekend away from all those emails and responsibilities.

Take YOUR Time

Start Planning Your Time Off

Step One: Make it Real

This might just be the best part (other than actually being here). Put that time off request in and relish the thrill you get when you finally take YOUR time. Sending digital high fives.

Step Two: Find a Place to Stay

Make it official and book a place to stay. Whether you’re in the mood for a cozy cabin, a peaceful campsite or a boutique inn, the LBP has you covered.

Step Three: Find Things to Do

You have a place to stay. Feeling good? We hope so! Because now it’s time to plan your itinerary. There’s a lot to love about Pacific County. Get started here.

Step Four: Find Places to Eat

All that exploring will work up an apptetite. Luckily, you’re visiting a foodie haven. From fresh seafood to craft brews, enjoy local flavors at their finest.

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