Salon, Spa & Massage

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Relax and unwind. Spoil yourself with a spa day at the beach! You’ll be glad you did.

Dianne Duprez, Massage, L.M.T., C.A.M.T. #MA12715

5003 L Place, Seaview, WA
Phone Number:

Zephyr Massage Therapy, L.M.P. #MA60244945

2420 272nd St., Ocean Park, WA
Phone Number:

Body Essence Massage, Inc., Charlotte M Rock, L.M.T. #MA60096540

802 S. Pacific, Long Beach, WA
Phone Number:

Kaapi’s Long Beach Massage (Kaapi Corsi, L.M.T. #MA9820)

Serving the Long Beach Peninsula
Phone Number:

Carol’s Salon

101 17th St. NE, Long Beach, WA
Phone Number:

Unwind in Pacific County

One of our favorite things about our slice of heaven is that the world spins just a little slower here. We don’t operate on island time, but we definitely enjoy peninsula time. The coastal air is clean, the oysters are plentiful, and the smiles are genuine. When you...

9 Romantic Places to Eat on the Long Beach Peninsula

There’s nothing quite like sharing a meal and a bottle of wine with someone special, especially when you’re at the beach. From intimate settings to mouthwatering flavors, these eight restaurants are sure to impress.

6 Romantic Places to Stay on the Washington Coast

Check out these 6 romantic places to stay on the Washington Coast! Find the perfect place to escape with your special someone.

4 Unique Places to Stay in Pacific County

Photography and writing by Adam Sawyer Unique people, places, things, and experiences are essentially the reasons why we travel. The unfamiliar and the out of the ordinary. Washington’s Pacific County is chock full of uniqueness, with perhaps a special nod going to...

The Beach is for Book Lovers

The Long Beach Peninsula is known for many things, but one of the best-kept secrets of this serene area is the draw it has for outstanding, local, and regional writers. While there are a number of writers who call the Long Beach Peninsula their home, there are also...

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