Experience Storm Season

Bundle up and grab your camera for storm season on the Washington coast! With stunning sun breaks, dazzling rainbows, and giant waves, winter on the coast draws photographers and storm watchers to Pacific County for an exhilirating adventure. Below you’ll find tips on where to go storm watching, what to bring, and how to stay safe while you watch the waves.

Best Storm Watching Locations

  • Waikiki Beach: 200 foot cliffs, giant waves, and the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse above make this a favorite spot for photographers. For a different perspective, head up to the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center.
  • Dismal Nitch: Lewis & Clark christened this area “Dismal Nitch” after a rather unpleasant night camping along its shore. Find this location on the Columbia, just east of the Astoria-Megler Bridge.
  • Willapa Bay: Watch miles of storm clouds hang heavy over the placid waters of the bay. Vistas stretch well into the Willapa Hills, offering expansive and exciting views of Pacific County.
  • The Beach: Bundle up to feel the full force of the storm. It’s an invigorating and refreshing experience unlike any other. Beware of sneaker waves and tides.
  • Stay with a View: If you prefer to stay indoors and watch in your pajamas, find oceanfront lodging and simply open the curtains.
    Click learn more to view more of the best storm watching location in Pacific County!
Storm Season

Plan Your Visit

Storm Season

What should you bring for storm watching?

  • Raincoat and rain boots: Staying dry makes your experience more enjoyable.
  • Camera: Bring along your favorite lenses, tripod, or anything else you think you might need for a great shot. A good camera phone works well too!
  • Hot coffee or tea: Having a hot cup of coffee or tea in the car is always welcome after standing outside.
  • Discover Pass: The popular storm watching spot Waikiki Beach is located in Cape Disappointment State Park. Get a Discover Pass online or at the entrance. It’s $30 a year (for all Washington state parks) or $10 for a day pass.

    How to stay safe while storm watching…

    • Stay away from driftwood and large logs.
    • Keep track of the tides, and never ever turn your back on the sea. Sneaker waves are powerful and can sweep you out to sea.
    • Learn more about beach safety before your visit.

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