9 Starry Nights on Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula

Dec 14, 2019 | Outdoors

The Long Beach Peninsula has very little light pollution, making it a great spot for stargazing. Just like with storm watching, you sometimes have to wait for just the right conditions, but trust us, it is worth it if you’re a photographer or nature lover.

There aren’t many places where you get to tilt your head back and be in awe of millions of stars. We rounded up 9 stunning starry nights on the LBP from Instagrammers. Be sure to hit the like button on their photos and give them a follow for more amazing photography.

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1. The moon, stars and North Head Lighthouse make this photo by @erikstrot absolutely stunning. Sometimes waiting for just the right night and conditions really pays off, especially in a place with so much natural beauty.
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A post shared by Erik Strot ©ESP (@erikstrot) on

2. This nighttime visual of the North Head Lighthouse by @7b_kirk makes us go starry-eyed. On a side note, how amazing is North Head looking after all that restoration work?!

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A post shared by Kirk Mattila (@7b_kirk) on

3. Local photographer @jace_the_bird_nerd is constantly snapping incredible shots highlighting the peninsula’s beauty and wildlife. This starry night photo captures that incredible sense of wonder that you get beneath countless stars, plus you can spot crabbing boats in the distance.

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A post shared by Jace Walker Stenersen (@jace_the_bird_nerd) on

4. The Seaview sign is iconic on the peninsula, and @clambake_’s awe-inspiring nighttime photo makes it look epic. There aren’t many places where you get to see the Milky Way so clearly, but Seaview is definitely one of them.

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A post shared by Joseph Samuel Appel (@clambake_) on

5. There’s just something about seeing the reflection of the North Head Light on the water that’s absolutely magical. Throw in a starry backdrop, and you have this incredible image by @rickcolephoto.
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A post shared by Rick Cole (@rickcolephoto) on

6. Photographer @maltbyblu is always capturing gorgeous photos of the peninsula (we definitely recommend his sunset photos). This photo is of a razor clam night dig. All those lights on the beach are clam diggers!

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A post shared by William Bigelis (@maltbyblu) on

7. @christopherpetroni photographed a sprinkling of stars above North Head just as the sun set, and it’s absolutely stunning! You truly get a sense of how breathtaking and sweeping this view is too.

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A post shared by Christopher Petroni (@christopherpetroni) on

8. @jmg21183 caught the Milky Way on a dark night along with the flash of light from North Head in the distance. The silhouetted adventurer in the foreground just makes you wish you were there.

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A post shared by Justin JMG Gutierrez (@jmg21183) on

9. Finally, we have one more from @jace_the_bird_nerd who captured the night sky over Black Lake in Ilwaco. This is such a peaceful location and just goes to show how little light pollution there is even when you’re in town.
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A post shared by Jace Walker Stenersen (@jace_the_bird_nerd) on

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