Join us for the Cranberry Harvest this October

Sep 15, 2022 | Food & Drink, Fall, Farms, Made in Pacific County

Many visitors are surprised to learn that America’s native fruit, the cranberry, is grown locally in great quantities. In fact, approximately one-third of the nation’s cranberry crop is produced in Washington State.

Pacific County is perhaps best known for its oyster and cranberry farms. October’s cranberry harvest has been a part of the peninsula’s culture for over a century. This tart berry brings more excitement than you might expect as the bogs are flooded for harvest and roadside stalls with fresh cranberries begin to pop up. The peak of activity comes October 8 and 9 (2022) with the annual Harvest Festival. Plan a fall trip to the peninsula and get in on the cranberry fun!



Local Cranberry Bogs

Fresh cranberries from our local farms are sure to make your autumn dishes unique and flavorful. 

The Pacific Coast Cranberry Research Foundation welcomes visitors to walk around their cranberry bogs year-round on self-guided tours. The museum is open daily between April 1st – December 15th. They have a wonderful gift shop to drop by after you’re done exploring their cranberry farm. Be sure to try the cranberry ice cream, and don’t miss the harvest each October at the WSU Cranberry Demonstration Farm.

Cranguyma Farms sets up roadside stalls around the peninsula and sells cranberries by the bag at their farm on weekends. They also offer u-pick cranberries at 75 cents a pound. Their farm is open daily from 8 AM to 6 PM. Admission is free, and they have a cozy corner in their shed set up for a picnic if you need a break.

Harvest Festival – Oct. 8-9, 2022

Fast approaching is our annual celebration—the Harvest Festival hosted by the Cranberry Museum



Local Libations Featuring Cranberries

Adrift Distillers created a delicious Cranberry Liqueur in collaboration with Starvation Alley. You can stop by the distillery for a tasting and take home a bottle to add to cocktails (or a holiday punch!).

Keep an eye out for beers featuring local cranberries from North Jetty Brewing and cranberry-themed cocktails at local restaurants like Pickled Fish and Shelburne Hotel.


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