The Perks: The Unique Coffee Shops in Pacific County

Dec 11, 2023 | Food & Drink

The Pacific Northwest has always been a brewing ground for incredible coffee. Something about the blend of hazy skies, damp forests, and unique people creates the perfect conditions for some of the best coffee shops you’ve ever set foot in. And while our state may be known as the birthplace of the biggest coffee chain in the nation, we’re fortunate to have some of the best independent coffee shops in Pacific County. From drive-thru espresso joints to coffee and mimosa bars, our unique coffee shops will perk you up. So, join us as we introduce you to just a few of our cups of Joe.

Coffee Shops in Pacific County - BOLD

BOLD – Framing, Art and Espresso

Robert Frost once said, “Freedom lies in being bold,” and we couldn’t agree more. One visit to BOLD – Framing, Art and Espresso on Pacific Ave, and you’ll understand what he meant. One part café, one part gallery, one part gift store, and one part framing shop, BOLD knows how to color outside of the lines. And if their vibrant purple exterior is any indication, they use the brightest colors in the crayon box.

Owners Danica and Greg are big believers in living boldly as artists and artisans. Their love for the community was the foundation for opening and growing BOLD into the neighborhood cornerstone it is today. The 2,400-square-foot shop is overflowing with strong coffee, local art, and special treasures. More than 50 creators line the walls and shelves. Browse the artistic heartbeat of the local area as you savor the flavors of one of the most unique coffee shops in Pacific County.

Their coffee bar serves up Astoria’s famous Columbia River Coffee Roaster blends. Be sure to try their signature Hot Mess. White mocha espresso is infused with a secret stash of warming spices and poured warm or iced, depending on your preference. And don’t sleep on their bakery goods. Local scone mixologist John Good delivers Flour & Scone fresh scones that pair perfectly with your caffeine buzz. His Maple Bacon Cinnamon or Cranberry Cherry Roasted Almond scones will give your tastebuds life.

Kraken Kafe

One of the newest coffee shops in Pacific County is Kraken Kafe, and they are brewing more than coffee. This hot pink café on Pacific Ave is hard to miss. Once inside, their coastal touches and vibrant couches won’t be the only thing welcoming you. Can’t decide between a coffee, Italian soda, Red Bull infusion, blended beverage, or ice cream? Get one of each! Their menu is brimming with thirst quenchers, flavor choices, and creamy ice cream options. And as proud pourers of Seattle’s Caffè Umbria coffee and espresso, you’ll enjoy the flavors of the Pacific Northwest in each sip.

But what makes this cozy café even more unique is its crafting corner. Patrons can pick a project and pass some time by creating a beautiful piece of art. Paint fairy gardens, birdhouses, and seasonal ornaments. Build wind chimes or cork crabs. No matter what the project, Kraken Kafe is the perfect spot to create and caffeinate.

Olde Towne Trading Post 

If you’re looking for one of the most endearing coffee shops in Pacific County, look no further than Olde Towne Trading Post. Formally an antiques-only store in 2008, the shop added their espresso bar, breakfast, and light lunches a few years later. Today, the beloved turquoise shop resides in a historic 96-year-old building. You’ll know you’re there when you see the dramatic outdoor mural honoring the fishing heritage of Ilwaco.

Olde Towne serves their handcrafted espressos, smoothies, and fresh food specials to a faithful local crowd. Neighbors and friends love to sit in the comfy chairs, read the old books, or peruse the local art and vintage nautical items.

Coffee Shops in Pacific County - Buoy 10

Buoy 10 Espresso

Named after the buoy that marks where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean, Buoy 10 Espresso is a family-run coffee stand that pours whimsical beverages all year round. Featuring one of the most extensive drink lists in town, you’ll easily find a blend to suit your style. Locals love their seasonal-themed drinks, like The Muffin Man, a chai, gingerbread, and hazelnut breve topped with cinnamon powder. Or find a few of your favorite things in a cup of their Deer Oh Deer, where hot chocolate and peppermint collide under a blanket of whipped cream. Their friendly baristas are always ready to greet you – and your pups! – with a smile and a delicious beverage.

Colleen’s Coffee House

On the Ocean Park beach approach, steps from the sand sits the iconic Colleen’s Coffee House. Part coffee shop, part fiber shop, the café is a treasured gathering spot run by long-time local Colleen. Art and local treasures line the walls of the quaint storefront. Doggy friends are welcome guests, and don’t be surprised to see Doxie art scattered throughout the space as a tribute to her beloved Copper.

Colleen’s brewed coffees and espressos are the antidote to chilly days by the beach. Enjoy a White Cap, a white coffee latte made with coconut milk that tastes like Horchata. Get your sea legs with a Salty Sailor, a sweet latte rich with salted foam. And be sure to add a tasty treat on the side. Seasonal goodies like sticky buns, cinnamon rolls, marionberry scones, and lemon poppy seed bread come straight to your plate from the oven.

Coffee Shops in Pacific County - Elixir

Elixir Coffee

The dockside Elixir Coffee sits peacefully overlooking the water in South Bend. You feel like a welcome guest when you walk into the colorful café. The owners, Hannah and Brandon, treat guests like an extended part of their family, and you’ll likely be served by one of their eight children. Their love of community makes Elixir one of the cornerstone coffee shops in Pacific County.

Authentic Pacific Northwest flavors are in their signature blend Dancing Goats Coffee, which hails from Olympia. It’s nutty and rich, with subtle layers of caramel and cherry. Their seasonal beverages are delightful as well. Try their Log Cabin cold brew, a maple cold brew topped with a sinfully delicious butter rum cold foam that calls for fuzzy socks and a crackling fireplace. Or dig into their Pecan Pie Chai, an Oregon chai dressed in maple and butter pecan.

Their coffee shop is overflowing with products and gifts that you can peruse while sipping. Artisan soaps, candles, pottery, and more line the shelves like lyrics of the locals. You can experience even more regional flavor by sinking your teeth into one of the baked goods made by the Willapa Baking Company.

The Cove Coffee Co.

Convenience is key at The Cove Coffee Co. drive-thru stand. Perfect for on-the-go thirst quenching in South Bend, this local favorite offers some of the freshest fusions in town. Grab a Christmas Cookie Latte, a cookie dough espresso with French vanilla cold foam and sprinkles. Or sip on a Brew Nog, an English toffee cold brew topped with creamy eggnog.

In addition to their dark, rich coffees, The Cove also serves up a collection of colorful, cold drinks. Their Dirty Sodas pair classic fountain drinks with flavored syrups for a refreshing, bubbly beverage. Dive into their Italian sodas and Lotus concoctions for a quenching adventure. You can also pair every drink with locally-made snacks baked by Willapa Baking Company.

Coffee Shops in Pacific County - Alder + Co

Alder + Co./Wild Pines Coffee Co.

When you walk into this retail and coffee shop, you know you’re in for more than your standard java jaunt. Alder + Co. is a vendor market experience featuring over 60 artisans and creators. Jewelry makers, painters, and craft makers travel far and wide to bring goods to this elite indoor, year-round bazaar. When you enter the space, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into a wonderland. The tables and walls are dripping with handcrafted, local items that vary from season to season. They set the scene for a luxurious shopping experience as you sip some of the best coffee you’ve ever tasted.

Wild Pines Coffee Co. is the coffee bar that helps fuel your retail therapy. Their robust brews infuse the shop with the rich aroma of happiness. Locals return time and again for their bold Americano and perfectly foamed Cappuccino. And their seasonal drinks set the festive tone. Their newest additions will wet your whistle as well. Try their fresh-pressed juices and wellness shots for the ideal boost. Or, if you’re feeling more indulgent, savor a glass of champagne, beer, or local Woo-Hoo Winery wine.

7th St. Coffee

We all know Everybody Loves Raymond, and 7th St. Coffee is just one more reason on the list. This cherished spot has been a caffeine staple in Raymond since 2015. Offering the convenience of a drive-thru with a small dining area, 7th St. Coffee is a charming place to start your day.

As proud brewers of Stumptown Coffee Roasters, each cup has the essence of the Pacific Northwest. And their signature drinks are reasons for your mouth to celebrate. The Raymond’s Sunshine is a crowd favorite. White chocolate mocha swirls with coconut and hazelnut for a sweet and nutty journey. Try their French Toast Latte; maple vanilla is poured over whipped cream into a decadent latte, giving off golden syrup vibes.

Inside, their cheerful, hot-pink neon sign punctuates the cozy, log-wood cabin appeal. It’s the perfect backdrop to sit by as you sip your beverage or nosh on one of Seattle’s Favorite muffin tops or breakfast sandwiches.

Coffee Shops in Pacific County - Chinook

Chinook Coffee Company

Right on Hwy 101 sits the cheerful, periwinkle home of Chinook Coffee Company. With a front porch blooming with flowers and an inside covered with decor, stepping into this tiny home feels like entering a darling gingerbread house. For over 20 years, it’s been a welcome spot for those looking for fresh, hot coffee and local baked goods.

Slip into their savory Cardamom-syrup Latte, an aromatic espresso that soothes the soul. Try their Pumpkin Spice Latte which is anything but basic. Unlike cloying pumpkin syrups, their pumpkin spice is a homemade powder blend with a devoted following. Try it on their Chai tea for a new twist on an old favorite.

Be sure to grab one of their homemade goodies, too. Known far and wide for their baked goods, people flock to the store when they announce their specials. Their shelves overflow with from-scratch items. Cookie trays with six different kinds of cookies snuggle next to decadent fudge and savory Chex Mix. Sweet rolls and fresh bread rest next to scones and muffins. These treats go fast, so snatch them up as soon as you see them.

And bring your furry friend the next time you visit. Chinook Coffee Company’s outdoor gazebo is dog-friendly, and their baked goods include homemade dog treats. Even better, a percentage of the dog treats sales goes to dog charities.

The Perks

You taste the love of the locals when you’re sipping in our small towns. The unique, family-owned coffee shops of Pacific County will give you more than a caffeine buzz. So, come and sit a spell with a cup of Joe and taste the authentic flavor of the Pacific Northwest.


The Perks: The Unique Coffee Shops in Pacific County

By: Danelle Dodds

Danelle is an international traveler, road tripper, writer, and artist. She firmly believes in testing the limits of word count, mileage, and AYCE sushi.




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