Dec 11, 2020 | Food & Drink


Looking for great take-out?

Be it a romantic dinner at your lodging, or a tailgate picnic at a scenic outlook or park, our local restaurants have just what you need for the perfect meal. If you are interested in venturing outdoors, yet are unsure where to go, here are some prime picnic locations.

Grab a quick coffee and pastry, or sandwiches, as you head to the nearest beach approach. Here are several to explore.

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or taking a much needed reprieve from preparing meals, we have many options to choose from. Just go to our Food To Go page or do a hashtag search for #FoodToGoLBP. Visit our facebook page to see our featured partners.

Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula is the perfect setting for food to go, and these restaurants are ready to serve you!


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