Best Fish and Chips on the Washington Coast

May 15, 2023 | Food & Drink

Few things are more satisfying than biting through the crackling crunch of hot, fried fish. That delicious intersection of crispy breading, where it meets the melting, flavorful sea, is a tastebud heaven. Add in a blissful, capery tang of creamy tartar sauce and bright lemon juice, and it will erase any bad day. When you get that craving, nothing but the best fish and chips on the Washington coast will do.

Lucky for us, most of the tastiest options can be found in our stretch of paradise known as Long Beach Peninsula. And we’ve made you a list of some of the most delicious locations to cure your craving.

We kick off the flavor train with the kaboose

Loose Kaboose in Seaview

The Loose Kaboose Diner is a Washington coast staple, serving casual, coastal fare for more than 40 years. In addition to their burgers, Willapa Bay oysters, shrimp cocktails, and weekly specials, they are known for their fish and chips. They fry the freshest, most tender local or Alaskan halibut to golden perfection and serve it with crinkle fries. The house-made batter is seasoned with a secret selection of special seasoning. All their sauces and coleslaw are made in-house, adding to the handmade, loving affair.

Our next stop is also well-seasoned…

SALT Pub in Ilwaco

If you’re looking for fish and chips on the Washington coast, look no further than SALT. SALT Pub is perfectly positioned, facing the Port of Ilwaco. The pub features daily specials, craft beers, and delightful cocktails. But it’s their fish and chips that draws the locals and visitors alike. The options are based on the daily catch, which means your mouth has a new adventure depending on the haul. Salmon…halibut…tuna…repeat visits afford new flavor profiles to this beloved dish. As one of the few spots that also serve sushi as well, your taste buds will be traveling!

But sometimes you just want to drop anchor for a moment…

Drop Anchor in Long Beach

Family-owned and operated, the Drop Anchor is a favorite for fish and chips on the Washington coast. Familiar standouts in the chowder competition during the Razor Clam Festival, their menu is bursting with seafood delights. Crab cakes and seafood alfredo are top orders. But their fish and chips meal remain a steadfast selection. Featuring cod, halibut, or salmon from an Astoria purveyor, it’s local to the core. They dredge their tender fish in milk and then toss it in dry batter before frying. A thin, crispy blanket of cracker meal deliciously seals in the flavor of the sea. It’s plated alongside coleslaw, tartar sauce, and toast slathered with the house-made garlic-and-herb butter. Known for their attentive service and cocktails, you’re sure to see a friend or two when you arrive.

Speaking of friends, our next stop goes back for generations…

Castaways Seafood Grille in Long Beach

Nestled in the historic Pacific Hotel, Castaways harkens back to 1914. Once rumored to be a house of ill repute, it features a storied past immortalized in time (and on its restaurant’s menu). Renovations in 2006 and 2022 have made the pearly shine of the restaurant glow. Known about town for their seafood, it’s easy to see why it’s made the list of best fish and chips restaurants on the Washington coast. House-made beer batter crusts juicy halibut or cod. Served in two-, three-, or four-piece fry baskets, they come with slaw and tangy tartar sauce. Served in a welcoming environment by a crew of characters, it’s forging its own reputation for flavor.

Speaking of reputation, have you ever heard of Molly?

Molly’s Station & More in Seaview

When looking for fish and chips on the Washington coast, rock on over to Molly’s Station & More. The blue, clapboard building houses a vibrant pink diner inside, reminiscent of the beloved 50s era. Records, pennants, and a 22-foot working train display await returning customers. Until January of 2023, Molly herself would greet guests. A loveable Australian shepherd/coon-hound mix would nuzzle visitors to their table, where they’d likely order the famous fish and chips. They fry their black fish cod crispy and serve it with fries, tartar sauce, and a lemon wedge. Located in Seaview, they’re so popular that they’re opening a food truck in Ocean Park. Though Molly’s passed, her welcoming legacy lives on as Molly’s empire grows.

Skallywags Food Truck in Long Beach

Speaking of tail-wagging food trucks, welcome to Skallywags. They are serving some of Washington coast’s best fish and chips out of their food truck window in the Sandbar Food Court. Featuring a hearty menu of seafood favorites, including fish tacos and Po’Boys, it’s common to see a line. Their beer batter is gluten free and encases moist wedges of flaky fish. Thick steak fries and cups of slaw completes the meal. If you’re looking for fare that isn’t fussy, saddle up to Skallywags.

Linda’s Fish & Chips in South Bend

Another food truck favorite place for fish and chips on the Washington coast is Linda’s Fish & Chips in South Bend. This seasonal roadside location offers outdoor seating with a beautiful view of the bay. Their menu features a collection of local seafood, including Willapa Bay oysters. And it’s their fish and chips that draws people from near and far. Thin, crunchy, cornmeal breading is a welcome surprise to their flaky fish. This beloved spot has become a roadside staple.

Speaking of neighborhood staple, join the party at the tavern…

Long Beach Tavern in Long Beach

Located in the heart of town, The Long Beach Tavern is affectionately known as a lively dive bar. The owners encourage you to pull up a stool and join the party. Their cocktails and local beer go perfectly with their crispy fish and chips. The pieces are generous and pair nicely with their creamy tartar sauce. Shoestring fries add a delightful, carby duet. Speaking of duet, depending on the night, you may get some live music to accompany your meal.

If that’s music to your ears, our next stop is a harmony of flavor for your mouth…

Captain Bob’s Chowder in Long Beach

Tucked next to the famous Marsh’s Museum, you’ll find Captain Bob’s Chowder. As their name implies, their chowder is a crowd pleaser. Gluten free and sans bacon, the creamy soup is served in bread bowls or cups. Other crowd favorites include their buttery crab roll. But their fish and chips know how to hold their own on the menu. They hand-bread each piece of cod, halibut, salmon, or tuna to order. The cod, halibut, salmon, or tuna is never pre-breaded until you arrive. Lovingly dipped in buttermilk and panko breading, they’re fried to order and served with chips and coleslaw. All sauces are made in-house, including their tartar and cocktail sauce. Small and intimate, you can grab one of the picnic tables or take your toes to the sand and eat it on the beach.

And our final stop also offers a sweet ending…

The Chowder Stop in Long Beach

Award winning chowda’ is ladled out The Chowder Stop. But don’t let the name fool you…this Washington coast restaurant dishes up more than just soup. Unpretentious and jovial, this small, wooden building is located at the Bolstad beach approach. Once a food stand during the Friday and Saturday markets, their flavorful dishes drew crowds big enough to warrant a building.

Family-run, their menu features the famous chowder, burgers, sandwiches, and paninis. But their fish and chips are worthy of their own review. A closely guarded secret process of preparation includes their homemade batter. The well-seasoned coating hugs bright, white cod or halibut that is moist and flavorful. They pepper their house-made tartar sauce with capers and fresh dill. If you’re feeling frisky, try the chowder fries! A twisted twist on poutine, their battered fries are smothered with cheese, chowder, and crispy bacon. And finish the meal with a Killer Kupcake. As an exclusive outlet, The Chowder Stop serves the Astoria-made kupcakes are the perfect sweet ending.

The Taste of the Washington Coast

When the crispy, crunchy mood strikes, only fish and chips will do. Visit Long Beach Peninsula for some of the best fish and chips on the Washington coast. And be sure to follow our blog for even more food adventures.

By: Danelle Dodds

Danelle is an international traveler, road tripper, writer, and artist. She firmly believes in testing the limits of word count, mileage, and AYCE sushi.




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