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Nov 23, 2015 | Archive

According to legend, lore and history, the Long Beach Peninsula has long been a treasure trove of culinary delicacies. For centuries, the Native Americans used the seafood, berries and game as currency to obtain items that otherwise would have been unattainable, such as buffalo robes, beads, metal pots, and yes, even the treasured Obsidian.

This tour takes your passenger on a culinary and history trip from the past to the present.

As you walk down the streets of yesteryear in the village of Oysterville, imagine this as a boom-town. They had discovered ‘gold’ but no the kind that is found in the ground…no this ‘gold’ comes from the sea in the form of OYSTERS!

The Cranberry is so important to the area, that a festival is named in it’s honor! The Native Americans would grind the berry along with dried deer meat, and that became a sustainable meal during the long wet winter months. Today, it tells a different story…a success story!

At the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum, they will discover the mystery of the “Daddy Train” as told by the conductor. They will learn of the importance of ‘tides’ and how it affected the lifestyle of the “rich and famous” from that ‘big city’ of Portland…in the 1800’s!

Over the bridge to Astoria to discover the culinary treasures of the oldest settlement west of the Mississippi! After a walking tour of the waterfront, the Maritime Museum will enable you to visualize what a fishing vessel and a Coast Guard cutter in 10 foot swells actually look like!

And of course, a visit would not be complete without a tour of the Painted Lady Lavender Farm on you way to your next destination. Lavender tea with lavender cookies…what more could one ask for to relax and rejuvenate the senses before the next adventure awaiting your group?

Last day of the tour will take you to Montesano and lunch at their City Hall!

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