Pacific County continues to outpace like counties within Washington, ranks second in visitor spending per resident

SEAVIEW, Wash. – June 6, 2016 – Record-breaking numbers and strong indications of continued growth for Pacific County tourism were reported and celebrated at the annual meeting of the Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau on May 12 at Ilwaco’s Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum.

“Pacific County’s investment in expanded outreach to potential visitors is paying off in big ways,” said Andi Day, executive director, Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau. “We can confidently report the tourism industry here is stronger than it has ever been.”

According to the recently released State Travel Impacts & Visitor Volume 2000-2015 report by Dean Runyan Associates, Pacific County saw $166.8M in direct visitor spending in 2015, a 6.9% increase over 2014This ranks Pacific County sixth in percentage of growth and second in visitor spending per resident of all counties in Washington. Visitor spending in Pacific County was up an additional $11.2M over the previous year and has increased by $42 million since 2012.

Exceeding the million dollar mark for first time ever, visitor-paid lodging taxes collected in Pacific County hit $1.2 million, and first quarter numbers indicate 2016 will be another solid, prosperous and successful year.

“A major contributor to this growth is more effective marketing by the Visitors Bureau and its members,” said Day.

Day noted the strengthening of the Visitors Bureau’s marketing campaign, citing the following reasons: interfacing of multiple marketing channels, a corporate-like approach to running a non-profit organization, more cohesive branding, a website overhaul, data-driven decision making, as well as expanded industry representation and partnerships — all part of a long-term growth strategy based on sustainable tourism..

Members have also been more aggressive and efficient in both targeted marketing and visitor enhancements.

As a comparison, direct visitor spending in Washington was $20.7 billion in 2015, up 5.4% in current dollars over 2014 and up only 2.5% statewide if spending in King County is backed out of the total. Local and state travel-generated tax revenue was $1.8 billion, an 8% increase over 2014.

About the Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau

Located in Seaview, Washington, the Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau was formed as a destination marketing organization in 1985 to serve visitors and market the tourism assets of the region. The Visitors Bureau greets approximately 27,000 visitors a year and is open every day except Christmas and New Year’s. The Bureau also manages visitor information and implements sustainable, countywide tourism marketing, while supporting tourism-related businesses and festivals through membership, cooperative marketing efforts, social media, and the destination website,

About the Long Beach Peninsula

The Long Beach Peninsula is the premier beach destination in Washington State. Sensational restaurants, ultra-fresh seafood, unique lodging, one-of-a-kind museums, lighthouses, trails, parks, and above all its 28-mile long stretch of silver-sand beach have attracted visitors for more than 100 years. For visitor information, please contact the Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau at 360.642.2400 or access

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