SEAVIEW, Wash. – April 5, 2022 – Andi Day, with the support of Pacific County Tourism’s Board of Directors, will be resigning as executive director effective June 30, 2022. Ensuring a smooth transition, she has agreed to stay on while a search is made for her replacement. The announcement was made by Nancy Gorshe, board chair. 

Day, one of the State of Washington’s leading destination management executives, is stepping aside after 10 years. She plans to take the opportunity to reinstate her marketing consulting business and will be providing her destination marketing, management, and development services to a wider industry base. 

“Andi has been invaluable to our organization over the past decade,” said Gorshe. “She’s also been instrumental in rebuilding a statewide tourism effort.” 

Day led the destination, industry, and organization through the pandemic by immediately implementing a crisis response and recovery plan that has brought the region’s tourism back. 

With a strong marketing background, Day was able to quickly and greatly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization by bringing over $100K of contracted-out marketing services back in-house, creating a strong, consistent, consumer-facing brand identity, and planning and implementing a digital-first comprehensive destination marketing strategy with high channel integration and a strong commitment to sustainable tourism growth. 

“I’m incredibly grateful to the board, the business partners and all our communities for the opportunity to come back home and serve in this role,” said Day. “It has truly been a privilege to give back to the place that my family has called home for four generations.”

On a statewide level, Day served in the leadership of the Washington State Destination Marketing Organization Association and on the board of directors for the State of Washington Tourism (SWT), where she is currently board president. In Olympia, Day has been a stalwart advocate for the industry, especially for rural tourism and economic development. 



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