Visit the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

Before there were lighthouses on the Peninsula, ships bound for Portland and Astoria navigated their way through the high waves and shifting sandbars, focusing on fluttering white flags and notched trees along the shoreline by day and flickering signal fires by night....

Hiking the Long Beach Peninsula

Cape Disappointment State Park | Discover Pass Required Dogs allowed on leash. Campgrounds available. Historic structures and sites, lighthouses, art installments, and scenic viewpoints. Cape Disappointment State Park sits at the mouth of the Columbia River on the...

Exploring Abandoned Forts in Pacific County

There’s something enchanting about ruins and abandoned buildings. Whether you enjoy the history behind it or the intrigue of decay, these echoes from the past are downright fun to explore. Here in Pacific County, there are numerous opportunities to step back in time....

The North Head Lighthouse is Looking Good

Last fall scaffolding came off the North Head Lighthouse to reveal crisp white stucco after contractors completed phase two of the restoration process. This sparked a flurry of excitement about this iconic piece of history on the Peninsula. At the Visitors Bureau, we...

Cape Disappointment Virtual Tour

The Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau recently partnered with the Port of Seattle to bring you 360-degree virtual tours complete with spacial audio. Now, you can escape to the beach anytime, anywhere. Our first video featured scenes from the longest, most pristine...
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Important Coronavirus Update

We just released visitor guidelines. Please review them here. #MaskUpPacificCounty #MaskUpLBP

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